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The Fire Protection Association of Southern Africa (FPASA) was established in 1973 to provide a specialized practical and technical training service to industry, commerce and society at large.

Over the years the Association has developed a range of membership options and technical, training and fire safety management services that are recognized for their quality, professionalism and value.

Today the role of the FPASA covers Education, Training, Information, Advice and Consultancy which extends to insurer specific projects and representation on the SAIA Board.

The Fire College is a professional training centre dedicated to assist in the reduction of life and property losses in the Southern African region. It provides training on request from their members and non-members alike, and in addition provides standard training programmes to suit the broad spectrum of industrial and commercial needs. Courses are offered at the college in Gauteng, at decentralized venues in other provinces and some neighboring countries where suitable facilities exist.

A variety of workplace fire safety,fire engineering and fire-fighting courses are available which include:

  • Fire-Fighting & Evacuation;
  • Fire Appliance Reconditioning;
  • SAQCC Competency Assessment;
  • Breathing Apparatus (donning, starting-up & operators);
  • Fire Risk Assessment & Prevention Strategies;
  • Advanced Fire Prevention;
  • Fundamentals of Fire Investigation;
  • Advanced Fire Investigation Techniques; 
  • CFPA Principles of Fire Safety Engineering;
  • CFPA Europe Diploma in Fire Prevention; 
  • CFPA Europe Advanced Diploma in Fire Prevention;
  • Centrifugal Fire Water Pump Operation;
  • SANS 10400:A,T & W - A Detailed Analysis;
  • Bylaws - A Detailed Analysis; 
  • Fire-Stopping: An Introduction; 
  • Workplace and Industrial Fire-fighting;
  • Cockpit and cabin crew fire fighting (Aviation Fire-Fighting); and 
  • Fire Technology Seminars.                                                    

The Associations training facility has been operational since 1978 and we pride ourselves on the fact that it has been a totally open training facility regardless of race or gender since that time. In fact, come by and meet the team in your free time. 

The FPA Fire College operates from specially built premises at 105 Springbok Road, Bartlett, Boksburg, a site of over 2 hectares that is owned by the Association, consisting of:

  • An administration block - accommodating the main reception area, a fire safety library, board room with fire museum/memorabilia display facilities, offices and ablutions;
  • A fire college building - with three lecture rooms, the kitchen, offices, ablution facilities and outside entertainment area;
  • A fire house -  with technical workshops (for fire appliance reconditioning courses) and an indoor live fire facility (burn rooms and aeroplane burn model); and
  • A large outdoor practical fire facility - including fire installation demonstration rigs, extinguisher practical fire-ground, drill tower and lawned area for hose drills. 

The FPA Fire College is an LGSETA accredited training centre (accreditation number:  LG 177P).

The Fire-fighting and Evacuation Module and Breathing Apparatus Operators and Donning and Starting-up courses have full accreditation while the majority of the remaining courses have LGSETA provisional programme approval:

Other accreditation and approvals include:

  • Academic exemption for IFE Member examination Paper 8 for the Fire investigation Course. This course also carries educational points for IAAI Certified Fire Investigator registration;
  • SAQCC accreditation for the Fire Appliance Reconditioning Course; and
  • CAA accreditation for the cabin and cockpit crew training modules. 

For further information regarding the training programmes offered by the FPASA or a no obligation quote, please contact:

For Information on Course Packages & Pricing                                                                                           

Telephone: 011 397 1619
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. AND complianceThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Please note that for large training groups special discounts will apply - please contact Christine on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


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