It is FPASA policy that: 

  • The Association will take all steps necessary to help ensure that no person is injured or affected by its training and technical activities, and that safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and procedures are implemented.  
  • All employees will help ensure that no person is harmed because of their negligence or lack of co-operation regarding this policy. 
  • Clear guidelines on FPASA's health and safety policy are made available to all clients using our services. 
  • A suitable, sufficient and valid risk assessment for the FPASA premises is available at all times.  
  • Employees with particular responsibilities for health and safety receive adequate training to carry out their duties. 
  • In order to meet the intention of the OH&S Act regarding intoxicating liquor, the FPASA is an alcohal free site. 

Notwithstanding the above, from a day to day perspective the FPASA will abide by the conditions of the General Safety Regulations of the OH&S Act which states that:  

  • no person who is, or who appears to be under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs, will be permitted to enter or remain on the premises.
  • no person at work shall be under the influence of, or have in his or her possession, or partake of or offer any other person intoxicating liquor or drugs.
  • the appropriate level of professional skills and competence in health and safety management are in place, particularly with regards to the training and appointment of a safety representative. 
  • adequate financial provision is made to enable this policy to be implemented effectively. 
  • when working on client’s premises staff will function within the safety management system in place, including attending safety induction where necessary, and use PPE appropriate to the risk. Staff will also familiarize themselves regarding the hazards associated with the areas that they will be visiting including noise, dust and asbestos hazards. 
  • health and safety is adequately addressed in the Quality, Manual and appropriate provisions in place to monitor and audit health and safety, and to communicate results and changes to staff. 



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