Since 1995 the FPASA has operated in accordance with an integrated quality management system based on the TQM principles of ensuring a customer focus, managing the processes as well as the result, adopting a preventive action approach, the availability of skilled and experienced co-operative teams, an objective approach to business based on fact based decision making and continuous review, feedback and improvement.

Over the years the Company’s commitment to quality and customer service has become well entrenched, the QMS system has matured and we have an ever improving quality culture within the organisation.

Our quality system is now fully integrated with our business processes and systems with the QMS component aligned to SANS ISO 9001:2015 to satisfy our quest for service excellence.

In order to achieve the high quality standards we have set for the organisation, it is company policy that:

We will provide professional education, training, technical services and membership support to ensure, that through best value and quality, the FPASA remains the leading fire safety organisation of its kind in the Southern African region.

Our ability to convert customer expectations and requirements to customer satisfaction is achieved by clearly documenting and controlling our service and product realization processes in our Management and Operations Manual.

Overall, we commit to:

  • Maintaining and record a quality management system in accordance with SANS ISO 9001:2015.
  • Regularly striving for continual improvement.
  • Reviewing our service delivery processes, levels of customer satisfaction, viability and profitability will be monitored and reviewed continuously.
  • Providing the necessary financial, human resource and facility requirements to underpin the system will be provided.


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